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Personal Training by Power Fitness

Don't limit your challenges. Challenge your limits.

About the Class

Do you want to lose weight, tone up or gain muscle? Are you a gym junky or a complete beginner? Our personal trainers will inspire, excite and motivate you towards achieving your goals.


PackageNumber of SessionsSession durationRates (AED)
Standard10 sessions45 minutesAED 2,100
PremiumSingle session60 minutesAED 315
Premium5 sessions60 minutesAED 1,312
Premium10 sessions60 minutesAED 2,625
Premium20 sessions60 minutesAED 4,725
Premium30 sessions60 minutesAED 6,300
Couple10 sessions60 minutesAED 3,150

* Rates are inclusive of 5% VAT. Terms and conditions apply.

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