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Private Tennis Lessons by Advantage Sports

Game. Set. Match!

About the Class

Certified tennis coaches will make learning tennis fun and meaningful – Ranging from beginner tennis classes through to advanced tennis classes, this is the perfect way for you to improve your tennis game, your fitness and make new friends. Provis registered coaches are renowned for high quality tennis programs.


Package NameNumber of SessionsSession durationRates (AED)
Private Lessons 1:1Single session45 minutesAED 265
Private Lessons 1:1Single session60 minutesAED 315
Private Lessons 1:112 sessions30 minutesAED 1,890
Private Lessons 1:112 sessions45 minutesAED 2,775
Private Lessons 1:112 sessions60 minutesAED 3,150
Private Lessons 2:1Single session45 minutesAED 315
Private Lessons 2:1Single session60 minutesAED 365
Private Lessons 2:112 sessions30 minutesAED 2,775
Private Lessons 2:112 sessions45 minutesAED 3,150
Private Lessons 2:112 sessions60 minutesAED 3,780
Private Lessons 3:1Single session45 minutesAED 365
Private Lessons 3:1Single session60 minutesAED 470
Private Lessons 3:112 sessions30 minutesAED 3,150
Private Lessons 3:112 sessions45 minutesAED 4,035
Private Lessons 3:112 sessions60 minutesAED 4,415
Private Lessons 4:1Single session45 minutesAED 470
Private Lessons 4:1Single session60 minutesAED 550
Private Lessons 4:112 sessions30 minutesAED 4,035
Private Lessons 4:112 sessions45 minutesAED 4,415
Private Lessons 4:112 sessions60 minutesAED 5,040

* Rates are inclusive of 5% VAT. Terms and conditions apply.

Class Schedule

Upon request
7 days a week
6:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Subject to coach availability

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